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Nikko Blue Hydrangea - Growing, Propagating and Making Them Blossom

Nikko Blue Hydrangea. What is the key making them flower?

I think I've found the key to making Nikko Blue Hydrangea blossom like crazy.

Quit tinkering with your plants trying to offer them every little thing they need. Exactly what they truly require is excellent soil, and sufficient quantity but not an overabundance of water and some sunlight. Given up fertilizing them and pouring all kinds of mixtures on them. Get more info on .

They know exactly what to do. They are genetically wired to do one thing and just one thing. Make leaves and make flowers! Okay, so that's two things. They know that. They don't require you sticking your nose in their business. If you offer them the 3 things discussed above and leave them alone they will grow and bloom.

When Should I Trim or Prune my Nikko Blue Hydrangea?

Nikko Blue is in the macrophylla household of hydrangeas and therefore the majority of individuals state to trim it right after it blooms. I purchased about 50 Nikko Blues this spring. They were in the field and were dug simply a tad late.

I chose to trim them actually hard, even though it was the middle of May.

Exactly what took place? After they were trimmed they flushed out with stunning brand-new development and after that began blooming like crazy! Not just did I prune them in the middle of May, I cut them back truly difficult.

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it many, many times in the future.
Given up playing with your plants!

They do not need all those store bought concoctions to make them do this or do that, sing and dance and jump over the moon. They just do not require it! They require excellent soil that drains well, water regularly, and sunlight. That's what they require. That's all they require.

Mike! Phony, liar Pants on Fire!

You just said you fertilized these hydrangeas in June! You're telling me not to fertilize and you are fertilizing. You inform me something and after that you do something else yourself. What provides Mike?

Terrific concern! You captured me. This is truly crucial for you to comprehend. The plants in my landscape do not get fertilized ever. Other than maybe the roses because if and when I keep in mind to do so I spray them with Bayer 3-1 Rose and Flower Spray and that does consist of some fertilizer. All the other plants in my landscape do not get fertilized ever. They haven't been fertilized since I purchased them.

Why no fertilizer for the plants in my landscape? They just do not need it. They do absolutely great without it.

Why Do I Fertilize Plants in Containers?

Plants that are grown in the nursery in containers are grown in what is called a soil-less growing mix. Plants grown in containers have actually to be fertilized. I hope that makes sense.

How Do I Make My Nikko Blue Hydrangea Blue?

If your Nikko Blue is not Blue, or Blue enough you can add Aluminum Sulfate to the soil which must make the blooms more blue in color. You can get the Aluminum Sulfate at any full service garden.
How Do You Propagate Hydrangeas?

The majority of hydrangeas are easy to propagate if you do them in the summertime utilizing soft brand-new growth. Not spring, however summer season. Mid June or later.

What did we gain from this post?

Stopped tinkering with your plants. Simply let them be plants. They know what to do. In order for plants making a flower bud they have to decrease or almost gave up growing entirely to work on flower buds. If you are dumping all kind of efficiency enhancing mixtures on them they can't slow down and make flowers. It's like you holding the accelerator pedal all the method to the floor then aiming to turn the corner. It simply not going to work!